Breakfast and Buzz Afterschool Club

We know that dropping off and picking up children from school can be extremely difficult for parents who work. That is why we set up and run our own Breakfast Club and Buzz Afterschool Club. Both clubs are led by school staff to ensure continuity for the children. Infant and Junior School children attend the clubs although the range of activities may differ slightly. Both clubs are extremely popular with the children and parents and numbers have increased each year.

Breakfast Club starts at 7:45 am and ends at 8:45am. The children can choose from a variety of breakfast choices each day including bacon sandwiches on a Wednesday! After breakfast there is a range of activities, games and toys to play with before the children go off to their classes for the start of the school day

Buzz Afterschool Club starts at 3:15pm and ends at 5:30pm. The children are collected from their classes, or brought over from the Juniors. There are different activities for the children to do each day, such as using the P.E. equipment in the hall and toys, games and computers in the club room. When the weather is fine the children may use the outside areas and the outdoor equipment. If the children (or parents) wish, the children may do their homework from the Junior School or read to members of staff if in the Infants.

Both Breakfast and Buzz Afterschool Club can be booked through the school office.

Breakfast Club costs £3.50 a session.

Buzz Afterschool Club costs £6.50 a session.