We have high expectations of behaviour for every member of the school community which is crucial to providing a positive, happy learning environment for our children. We encourage all children to develop a positive self image and to take responsibility for their own actions. Our aim is to enable our children to become courteous, considerate and caring members of the community. We have very few behaviour issues at school and all members of the school staff work hard to ensure the school is a safe and a happy place. If you have any worries about behaviour at school please come and see us straight away, we take all concerns seriously.

Our school rules are called the ‘Golden Rules’ and help children look after one another and behave appropriately in school. We think that these rules are fundamental to a happy and safe environment. The rules are

Our Golden Rules

  • I have the right to respect, care and kindness from others.
  • I have the responsibility to respect, be kind and gentle to others.
  • I have the right to be safe.
  • I have the responsibility to keep myself and others safe.
  • I have the right to be listened to.
  • I have the responsibility to listen to others.
  • I have the right to be trusted.
  • I have the responsibility to tell the truth
  • I have the right to learn as much as I can.
  • I have the responsibility to work hard and to help others to learn too.
  • I have the right to have belongings and to have a clean environment.
  • I have the responsibility to look after belongings and our environment.

 Our behaviour management at school is based on praise and encouragement. We have many rewards that children can earn for academic and social success.

If a child fails to follow a Golden rule we have a traffic light system that is used to support effective behaviour management. This system is consistent across the whole school.

Insert traffic light pictures

  The star is for rewarding any positive achievement. It can only be reached if you are on the green smiley face
  The green smiley face is where every child starts each and every day on. No matter what happened yesterday, every day is a fresh start.
  The yellow face is where a child will be asked to move their name if they break any of the school rules. This is a warning. It is the child’s chance to turn their behaviour around. Everyone makes mistakes at times and the yellow face does not punish us for that
  The red sad face can only be arrived at if you are on the yellow. If a child is on the yellow face and break a rule again they move their name to the red face. Once on the red face the child looses time from their Golden Time on Friday afternoon.

Children can move both up and down the chart.

Golden Time

Golden time is a special time on a Friday afternoon. It last for an hour and the children get access to a wide range of toys, games and activities. Any child who has lost Golden Time by being on the red face has to sit out and watch the rest of the class while they wait their time out.

We use this system as it rewards the behaviour we want to see all our children displaying all of the time. It also encourages children to regulate their behaviour. It is one thing to have a parent or teacher tell you that you have done something wrong, it is much more powerful when you want to change your own behaviour to be able to join in with your friends.