Within our school we have a high expectation of acceptable behaviour which is crucial to providing a positive, happy learning environment for our children.  We expect everyone within the school to encourage appropriate behaviour and follow our school values.  Our school has a positive behaviour management system which is clear, consistent and manageable.  There is a whole school structure to managing behaviour which is shared with all children, staff and parents.  We encourage all children to develop a positive self image and expect them to take responsibility for their own actions.  The behaviour policy ensures that all members of our community learn about and follow our school values of being respectful, being a team and most importantly being happy.  This then allows us to be confident, curious and creative learners.

 At Bordon Infant School we believe that our school community should:

  • Be respectful
  • Be a team
  • Be happy
  • Be confident
  • Be curious
  • Be creative

We believe that this is best achieved by:

  • Focusing on the needs of every child as an individual
  • Having as much focus on a child’s emotional and mental wellbeing as their academic development
  • Focusing on and rewarding positive learning behaviours
    1. Collaborating
    2. Evaluating
    3. Persevering
    4. Questioning
    5. Staying focused
    6. Being independent
    7. Using your imagination
    8. Being a good communicator
  • Using the online system Class Dojo to reward these behaviours
  • Recognising all behaviour is a form of communication we need to understand
  • Each class designing their own class values, based on the school values, which is then shared by all staff, pupils and parents at the beginning of the school year and displaying them in the classrooms
  • Working with parents on developing appropriate individual strategies, where needed
  • Working with the school SENDCo for children with ESBD (emotional, social, behavioural difficulties) which are outside appropriate patterns

Dojo System

The dojo system is an online system of rewarding good behaviour which is linked to our learning toolbox.  Children can get points for their individual dojo if they have demonstrated one of the following learning behaviours:

  • Collaborating
  • Being independent
  • Evaluating
  • Persevering
  • Using imagination
  • Communicating
  • Questioning
  • Focusing

When given a green dojo by the teacher the children are able to put a point on the interactive whiteboard and see their score change throughout the week.  Before Golden Time, on a Friday afternoon, the top five Dojo champions per class are revealed and they have the choice of participating in a special activity. The champion from each class is displayed in the classroom window.

Points are rewarded for positive reinforcement, wherever possible.  Everyone in the class will receive a dojo if they have demonstrated that learning behaviour, if they haven’t they won’t get one.  This provides a very positive model for those that need support.

Any child that is not showing appropriate behaviour will receive a warning and be supported to make good decisions.  However, if they continue with the unwanted behaviour then a red dojo may be given.  Certain actions, such as purposely hurting another child, would result in instantly getting a red dojo.  Each red dojo given will mean the loss of two minutes of Golden Time on Friday afternoons.

Class Values

At the beginning of the year each class decides a set of values (rules) that they agree to.  This is a democratic process where children share their ideas and then vote for the main six, linked to the vision bee words.  This is displayed prominently in the class and continually referred to, every child signs it.  A copy is also sent home in the first half term.

Golden Time

Golden Time is a special time on a Friday afternoon lasting between 45 to 60 minutes.  During Golden Time the children get to access special toys and activities that are not available during the normal school week.  Children missing some of their Golden Time, as they have had a dojo point taken away, must sit and watch the rest of the class playing while they are waiting for their time to pass.  Every child will get some Golden Time, there is never a situation where a child will lose their entire amount of time.

Other Rewards

Each week, one child per class is chosen to be Star of the Week.  The star is rewarded with a certificate in Celebration Assembly and has special privileges throughout the following week, as agreed in their class, such as sitting on the star chair.  As well as the dojo system, good behaviour may also be rewarded with stickers or a star on their Learning Toolbox Chart.

Each child has a Learning Toolbox Chart in their target folder.  Three dojo points in one area is converted into a star on the chart. When a child has achieved all the stars for a learning skill they will go and show the Headteacher and receive a certificate.  When they have 10 stars filled in, they receive a badge and stand up in Celebration Assembly.  Children with a specific behaviour plan might receive different rewards from the rest of the class while they are working on a specific aspect of their behaviour.

Other Sanctions

  •  As well as being given a red dojo point, children may be asked to take some time out within the classroom.  Any child taking time out should have a sand timer so they know the length of time they must spend thinking about their behaviour
  • Children may, after having a time out in class be taken to another class for a time out or to complete some unfinished work
  • For severe incidents of inappropriate behaviour, the child will be sent to the Headteacher’s office.  The Headteacher will then decide on an appropriate sanction, which may include calling the child’s parents